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Radiant Detail - Growing sunflowers

Helianthus sp.

Sunflowers are a fantastic easy to grow plant. Just like the monarch's - sunflowers have rapid growth and they stand out in their surroundings. Their large and brightly coloured flower heads are instantly recognisable and bring much joy to the garden. They come in a range of sizes and colours.

Sunflowers make a fantastic first gardening project for children (either at home or in the school environment). I am excited to share seeds and growing information (thanks to Kings Seeds) alongside my children's book: Trixie - Protector of the Bees. Planting sunflowers assists the pollinators by providing a rich nectar and pollen source.

Scroll down to download sunflower growing tips and a fun fact.

Download PDF • 169KB

Comment below and let me know if you will you be growing sunflowers this year?


Fun Fact!

Each flower head on a sunflower is made up of thousands of individual flowers. Always notice the little things!


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