Learn about the Monarch butterfly lifecycle and vulnerabilities by following three children and new Superhero BLAZE through this book.


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Details:A perfect bound paperback, 32 internal pages. Printed in New Zealand using sustainable print practices. FSC certified.

Recommended age: 2-9 year olds will enjoy this book. Parents and Grandparents may even learn something too. 

Resource for: Classrooms, parents, grandparents, nature enthusiasts, monarch butterfly lovers.

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" A charming and factually correct book about the monarch"




Jacqui Knight

Founding Trustee

Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust


"Adele has written a book where the words flow beautifully. From a parents perspective, I love the educational aspect to it, learning more about the Monarch Butterfly while reading to my children. My daughter loves hearing "about the butterfly." And together we enjoy the illustrations & the photos, as we can refer to them, when were out in the garden. 

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