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Detail Rising! Introduction.

Updated: May 11, 2020


Many of you have been following activities in my garden with a particular focus on the Monarch Butterfly for a while now. I am lucky to live and work on a farm with my husband and three children in the Waikato of New Zealand.

I run the 'Ngahinapouri Swan Plants' Facebook and Instagram page. This was a project I established with, and for my children. Learning opportunities included raising swan plants from seed, nurturing right through until they became a saleable plant, setting up a shop, talking to customers, dealing with money, and saving for the future. There are so many learning opportunities to be found in our environment, and I am excited to share these, and more.

About this Blog-Details Rising.

I intend to expand on what I have started on the 'Ngahinapouri Swan Plant' Facebook page. I love learning, experimenting and creating, with a focus on the natural environment and the little things...the details! I will bring them to the front, let them rise to the surface in the hope that we can all learn together! I will be updating this Blog-'Details Rising' once a month.

Becoming an author has introduced a whole new range of learning opportunities for me. There will be content relating to the details I have learnt on this journey. I will also continue to share my love of photography, which again gets into the detail (macro) and information for the nature enthusiasts, anyone sympathetic to the environment, gardeners, teachers, parents and children alike. Lets all learn together!

I would love your input as I continue this journey, please feel free to comment.

It is now time to introduce myself!

My name is Adele Gaddes. I am a proud Kiwi (New Zealander) who grew up rurally in the King Country, studied for four years at Lincoln University in Canterbury (N.Z), then moved back to the Waikato where I have been ever since. I have been lucky to travel, and have spent time in a number of countries in Europe, Great Britain and South America. I am happiest when I am active, and after competing in many different events around New Zealand and in Australia, I now focus and have a passion for multisport and off road running events. I have still got adventure race on my bucket list.

I have worked in a plant nursery, became a Landscape Architect and then a Project Manager for a commercial construction company. I loved working on the big projects. My last project I worked on with the construction company was the Velodrome in Cambridge (N.Z). Even though they are large scale, I am very particular to the details. I always notice the little things as they can rise to something major-sometimes good, sometimes not!

My exciting news... I can now add author to my list! I am in the final stages with my book Blaze-Guardian of the Monarchs. Please visit my website here to find out more, and also please sign up to the newsletter below, to find out the background to the main character...

Click here for links to Facebook and Instagram.

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1 Comment

Hi Adele, so cool to see all this info about your upcoming book inspired by our beautiful Ngahinapouri location! Can't wait to read it to the kids.

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